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Droid4X latest Version Offline Installer Free Download For windows

Are you are looking for an Android emulator with performance? Droid 4X should on the top of your list. It allows a seamless experience of running the mobile OS in your Windows PC. To use an effective Android emulator you can get a Droid4X on the Windows PC or laptop. It is a simple-to-use program which helps you to have a virtual Android desktop on the computer. While providing access to the Google Play Store and all of the content associated with it. It can also use the Windows PC as a remote control for the physical Android and iOS devices. So you can control device from your PC.

Features of the Droid4X


1.The download and installation process of the tool is very smooth. You have the option to choose between online and offline installer to install the emulator on the computer. Droid4x Offline installer can use to install the tool on other computers as well.

2.You can easy to share files between computer and the Droid4x emulator.

3. It supports full-screen PC mode. So you can have full Android experience.

4. You can use the tool to download apps from the Google Play Store. You can use them on the PC like in an android device.

5. It supports high-speed app and game download.

6. You can turn on your GPS or take screenshots of the current screen in the Droid4x.

7. The processing speed in the tool will not slower than any android device when used on the computer.

8. The tool is also available for iOS and Mac.

How to install

Installing Droid4X emulator is same with other installation processes. Follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Find the downloaded Droid4X_Offline_Installer.EXE.

Step 2: Double right-click on the Droid4X_Offline_Installer.EXE file.

Step 3: Installation wizard will pop-up, where you will find Install and Cancel button.

Step 4: Click on the Install button. Follow the installation wizard.

Step 5: After sometime, it will get installed on the computer.

Step 6: Go back to the Desktop screen, where you will find the Droid4X icon.

That’s all to install the Droid4X on the computer. Now you can get started using this fantastic emulator on the Windows PC. You can start using all the favourite Android apps with full.

Software Requirements

1. Net Framework

2. Direct X

3. Microsoft Visual C++ (2008,2010,2013)

4. 32bit/64bit Operating System

Hardware Requirements

1. High-End CPU

2. 64bit System

3. 4GB Ram

4. Dedicated Graphics Card

Droid4X Download Link:


Final Verdict

Droid4X is an android emulator for Windows PC and iOS. It is one of the fastest growing Android emulators. It equipped with loads of cool features. Some of the features are exclusive to Droid4X only. very useful when you want to use an app to android devices or play a game. You can try Droid4X if you want to enjoy the preferred software on a larger screen than one of the phones. All in all, the tool has a great use to all those who want to give different Android apps a try.

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