Z3X Samsung Tool PRO 28.2 Update Download Link - ANDROID UNLOCKER

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Z3X Samsung Tool PRO 28.2 Update Download Link

What is Z3X Samsung Tool Pro ?

Z3X Samsung Pro Tool  allow flash, unlock, repair, SN, Bluetooth etc. for 95% Samsung phones.
Also with Samsung Editor you can change language and other resources in many CDMA and GSM Samsung phones.
Samsung Tool Pro has started from 20.5 software version and this is continue of Samsung Tool.

Software features:

Multilingual interface;
Build in firmware download manager;
Build in manual for each phone;
Skin selecting;
Short/normal phone models selecting;
Supported platforms:


New MSL and New Security S6 phone using server for fast unlock or codes read.
Supports files:
More than 3Tb flash files
Flash files for all regions
Daily update flash files
Fast download server

Samsung Tool PRO 28.2
Release notes:
Transferred from 2G Tool:
*SGH-D900I, SGH-D908I, SGH-T229, SGH-T339, SGH-T349, SGH-T729, GT-E1120, GT-E1120B, GT-E1120M, GT-E1125, GT-E1125W, GT-E1150, GT-E1153, GT-E1153i, GT-E1160, GT-E1160I, GT-E1170, GT-E1170I, GT-E1170T, GT-E1172, GT-E1175T, GT-E1178, GT-E1180, GT-E1182, GT-E1182L, GT-E1190, GT-E1190C, GT-E1190T, GT-E1195, GT-E1195C, GT-E1195L, GT-E1200, GT-E1202, GT-E1205L, GT-E1207, GT-E1210, GT-E1210M, GT-E1210S, GT-E1220, GT-E1220I, GT-E1220T, GT-E1225F, GT-E1225T, GT-E1230, GT-E1230T, GT-E1232B, GT-E1232D, GT-E1252, GT-E1260B, GT-E1260L, GT-E1310B, GT-E1310C, GT-E1310E, GT-E1310M, GT-E1310S, GT-E1360, GT-E1360B, GT-E1360C, GT-E1360M, GT-E1360S, GT-E1500, GT-E2100, GT-E2100B, GT-E2100C, GT-E2120, GT-E2120B, GT-E2120C, GT-E2120I, GT-E2120U, GT-E2121, GT-E2121B, GT-E2210, GT-E2210B, GT-E2210C, GT-E2210L, GT-S3600I
New models:
*SM-G891A, SM-T820, SM-T825, SM-T825Y, SM-J327T, SM-J327T1
New functions:
*Set SIM count - for fix single/double SIM count
(applies S7 and S7+)
*Solution now show real steps (if present) instead of link to google
Unlock via MSL:
*SM-G9300 SM-G9308 SM-G930A SM-G930AZ
SM-G9350 SM-G935A
*Auto update engine
*Booting SWIFT phones at slow PC
*"Server not found" message for some models
*Better TAR recognition
*Prevent second start job when double click pressed
*Added first time wizard
IMPORTANT: This version can not be auto updated from 28.1 version. Use shell to download this version and install manually.

Download Link Z3X Samsung Tool Pro 28.2

Download Z3X Samsung Pro Version: 28.2

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