How To Remove Motorola FRP Lock On Android 7.0 , 7.0.1 Nougat 2017 ? - ANDROID UNLOCKER

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How To Remove Motorola FRP Lock On Android 7.0 , 7.0.1 Nougat 2017 ?

How To Remove  Motorola FRP Lock On Android 7.0 , 7.0.1 Nougat 2017 Patch With Motorola Tool? Yes guys today I'm going to share with you a tutorial and Motorola tool that you can use to remove Motorola FRP (Factory reset protection) in some simple step, this tool supported all Motorola Android FRP Patch  5.1 / 6.0 /6.0.1 /7.0 /7.0.1.

OK first you need to download Motorola tool here and install it on your PC,

 Now follow the steps to remove FRP.

Note: Before following these steps you will need to run the tool atleast one time,
then you will find the file MotoServiceOptions.json.

1. Install "MotoService  setup on your PC "

2. After installation done , perform the following procedures:

A. Go to "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Motorola \ MotoService" (default location of

B. Rename the "Motoweb.dll" dll to Motoweb2.dll.
C. Then go to "MotoService" for the first time and close.
D. Go to "C: \ ProgramData \ Motorola \ MotoService" and rename the file
"MotoServiceOptions.json" for MotoServiceOptions2.json.
and. After that, edit the MotoServiceOptions2.json file (right click open with
Put with notepad).
F. Edit in line 13 the following name ("" offlinemode: false ",), place
"Offlinemode": true, save it as MotoServiceOptions.json, close and open
The program normally done this will release the side menus.

3. Turn the unit off and then on again in "FASTBOOT" mode (POWER +
VOLUME -), select "FACTORY MODE" and press Power.

4. Open the "MotoService" program, go to "Options" - "Port Setup", see if the
On the display, the device will select the number you wish to place.
Press "Assing", and "Done"

5. In the menu select "Power Test", done this on the device port will appear
Again "Tower Test" press this option again, after this will open a window and
Press "Yes"

6. Remove the appliance from the mains and switch it back on FACTORY MODE and
Power button again connect to the computer, this will enable the option to
Enable USB debugging check the option and ok.

7. Open the Adb command prompt and make the second procedure of the old devices
(G2, G3) by entering the command below.

8. adb devices

9. adb shell content insert --url content: // settings / secure --bind Name: s: user_setup_complete --bind value: s: 1

10. Switch the device off and on again and it will be unlocked,

congratulation you have performed all step now you  unlocked your Motorola FRP with this tool and tutorial. Feel free to drop your comments, questions or feedback.

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